Short photo stories and documentaries covering topics of human interest, travel and life in general.

Miami vs. Cancer


Their messages may have been worded on placards, t-shirts and paper tags, but it was their faces that expressed the passion best. The wordings varied, but…

Dead Man Walkin’


I thought I would have taken just one shot of Joe and moved on. But, I observed something about him which made me linger…

Saturday Morning Market Part II – Faces


By anyone’s first glance the Chaguanas market (Trinidad & Tobago) seems to be entirely about the goods and the services being offered. But there’s…

Willemstad… Briefly


What do you do when your return flight on a family vacation to Aruba has a ten-hour long layover in Curacao? You check into…

Revisiting Old Dragons


In 2012 I made the image shown above. The Golden Dragon, a fishing boat off the central coastline in Trinidad made the perfect installment…

All In A Days Work


The things that humans do for work are as diverse and almost as myriad as the stars of the heavens. Putting food on the…

Saturday Morning Market – Part I


When I was a kid, going to the market on Saturday morning with my mom was an unavoidable terror. The market sold things that…



I love money. I know what you’re thinking; you’re about to quote me a healthy dose of “the love of money is the root…


Rio and the Copacabana.


The Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro has a very bustling beat. It’s not one of the prettiest beaches I’ve seen but it certainly…