Pictures have remarkable abilities. They move us, they stir our emotions, dig up old memories, they can jolt us into action. Whether they’re snapped in 1/100th of a second or exposed over a 5 minute long baring open of titanium shutters, pictures are capable of telling profound and timeless stories.Through them we can experience and share the perfect width of the range of possible human emotions.


We all have favourites. The family picture with bent edges tucked into your wallet; the framed portrait of your romantic interest smiling her heart out to you from the top of your dresser; the warming nostalgic scene of the sun sinking into the horizon set as your desktop wallpaper, the yellowed frame of you carelessly parading the world butt-naked as a baby; the one that your mom pulls out to show your friends even if they didn’t ask to see it. They need not be epic depictions of monumental events or even technically perfect super-saturated combinations of colour; we all have, at the very least, one photo that we can truly say is etched onto our hearts for one reason or another. How then can we live without pictures?


I make no pretenses to being an expert in any area of the art of photography; but having myself experienced the power of a photograph to move and transport me across geographies and cultures, I am myself inspired to share what I see and capture by intent. Roaming Shooter is just that; a site that’s meant to share my pictures with those hoping to see either a different slice of the world, or a familiar slice in a new light. It’s a brand and a symbol meant to remind you, but myself first, that photography is both an adventure and a means of sharing the adventure.  I invite you to join, browse, comment, and more than anything else, just as much as I have taken the time to do, share your perspectives and feelings about the images posted. I can guarantee that every comment will be read and every opinion valued, provided of course they’re appropriate for sharing and respectful of others in return.

Happy Roaming,


The Beginning

Site planning en route to NY (Jan 2013)

Anthony Rampersad


I’ve had a passion for photos since before I knew what a camera was. I’ve always enjoyed losing myself in the pages of geographic and travel magazines or even textbooks that can tempt me with a glimpse of what life was beyond the confines of my own precincts. I love the way pictures can make me want to be there and make me feel what the subject feels. I love the unspoken profundity of being able to estimate a person’s thoughts and feelings from staring into the eyes of their portrait knowing that even my best estimation is still a guess. I love the way pictures can be used to tell their emotions; their conditions; their stories. But, in addition to the effect, I also love the process of creating those photographs; the process of seeing the world’s untold stories with my own eyes and capturing them in images to be shared.  I consider myself to have fully read a magazine when I’ve finished watching all the pictures and reading their captions. By that definition, I’m a voracious reader. There, now you know everything about me.


OK, maybe there are a few things I didn’t tell you. I live and shoot (mainly) in Trinidad. I’ve lived here all my 31 years. I consider myself a late-comer to the art of photography. Even though I knew from young that I loved photography, the raw cost of camera, film (yes, I’m that old), and developing were relatively prohibitive for a youth (yes, I was young once) of my standing. There are no heart-warming stories here about me finding my dad’s expensive camera and showing “progedistic” tendencies to the art from the tender age of 3.5 years. The stories you’ll read here are mostly of long hours of reading, research and countless frames shot experimenting both on the camera and in development software while listening to Pink Floyd.


There’s one more thing. I like writing. Its just as much an outlet to my thoughts and feelings as shooting is. Words and images together form a storytelling “force to be reckoned with”. Within the confines of these pages I hope that the two (words and pictures) can find the perfect harmony and balance. I do hope that you enjoy my site and make regular visits. I will try to keep the content fresh, original and interesting. For now, thank you for reading this far.

Have fun,