Willemstad… Briefly

Willemstad at midday - A head-on view of the Handelskade Street waterfront in Willemstad, Curacao
A walk along the Willemstad waterfront
Lunch at the Old Market - Fried Red Snapper with salad prepared in the Willemstad Old Market
Unlikely Kitchen - Turning pancakes and frying fish
Fish! - Fish being fried on a coal fire - The Old Market, Willemstad, Curacao
Willemstad backstreets.
Night Colours - A view of the Handelskade Street waterfront over St Anna Bay at night from the Otrobanda shore.

What do you do when your return flight on a family vacation to Aruba has a ten-hour long layover in Curacao? You check into a hotel and take a taxi to Willemstad for some roaming and some shooting.

Willemstad to me is the quintessential Caribbean (Dutch) capital town; old European influenced architecture with the vibrance of Caribbean colours and culture.

In my own mind this translates into great opportunities for shooting and great expectations for flavourful food. I’m happy to say there was no disappointment in either area.

Lunch at the old market was an experience in a world of its own. While I do love exploring street food and “off the map” eating options, this place was a challenge even for me. If you ever stepped foot into the old market you’d agree its not exactly comforting to look at. And if you’re hungry, its dark and raw appearance will certainly pit your voice of hunger against your voice of reason. Hunger naturally speaks louder than reason in my head. And in this case I’m glad it did. Don’t dismay at the appearance. The food that’s ultimately presented to you will rival any upscale restaurant with ease.

Willemstad is lovely in the evening. I might even say its “dushi” (have fun finding out what that means). I had bare minutes to spare before having to hurry back to the hotel and prep for the flight. The few shots I managed to get may seem like the very cliched Willemstad postcard shot. But those, plus the food, were enough for me to consider it time well spent. Perhaps its also a good way of challenging myself to go back there one day with no specific agenda besides exploration, shooting and food. Perhaps I will.



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