Revisiting Old Dragons

In 2012 I made the image shown above. The Golden Dragon, a fishing boat off the central coastline in Trinidad made the perfect installment for a beautiful sunset. It’s always been one of my favourite images. I absolutely love sunsets and this one was made complete by the boat’s presence. I mean, can anyone think of a more appropriately named boat to have in a sunset picture?

This year (2015) I re-visited the site where I made this image. I was quite saddened to find that the vessel which helped me make one of my favourite sunset images now lay grounded and decayed in disrepair. My expectations of seeing the old girl in her golden glory were dashed. Nonetheless, for the sake of finishing her story I grabbed a few shots and moved on. It’s a fact of life; things decay and things fall apart. We’re fortunate if we remain with good memories of when the days were better. But that’s precisely why I appreciate photography as an art. Because, beyond the capture of those moments, it teaches us to appreciate them for how short they are and the fact that they may never return once they’ve passed. Appreciate your own “Golden Dragons” while you have them guys. They won’t be golden forever.






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