Shot Talk 0.5

Anthony Rampersad

“Shot Talk” is an initiative I’d like to introduce to engage readers in discussion about “great” photographs. It’s quite simple. I’ll post a picture, tee off a discussion about it and hopefully get you guys to join in. The discussions are not meant to be critiques. We can use the following as a guide for posting to the discussions:

– A brief history of the shot; the photographer, the context, location etc as available (I’ll dig this up).

– Why I like the image

– The mood it evokes

– The hidden information within the shot (the subject’s apparent situation, emotion, mood etc.)

– Why or what makes the image “work”? What makes it great? (Colour, lighting, moment captured, expression, situation, juxtaposition, etc…).

Guys and gals, this is not meant to be a technical discussion. I’m not looking to hear all the reasons why you think “this great photo was obviously shot with a Canon camera… see how sharp and well exposed it is?” etc. I’d like to hear what your eyes see in the shot and why you like or don’t like it. Dig deep, pour out your inner inspired eye and also be sure to read others’ thoughts.

This initiative is meant to help us all develop an appreciation for well expressed and captured photographic vision and build an associated vocabulary that helps share it with others in a common language. Sooner or later it will help us develop or improve our own unique vision and ways of expressing it. Please also feel free to email me suggestions for “great” photography we can discuss.

One more thing. Even though you don’t need to be a registered user of the site to post comments and join the discussions, I would personally really appreciate if you do register (register from the link in the footer below or the sidebar of this page). This will ensure that you stay recognized as the same person consistently in all future discussions. This has many merits. Over time you build credibility with other users of the site who will come to recognize, respect and trust your comments in future discussions.

Let’s have fun y’all.


Note: “Shot Talk 0.5” is the inaugural post that introduces the feature. Coming soon: “Shot Talk I” – Where we actually get down to business. 

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